GINETEX Switzerland
The National Association For Textile Care Labelling

The symbols are protected by trademarks. Their use is dependent on a contract with GINETEX Switzerland!



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The benefits of a licence in overview:

  • The licence agreement gives the licencee the right to use the symbols which are protected under trademark law.
  • The “GINETEX directives” made available when the agreement is signed set out the principles for textile care and fibre content labelling. They are intended to serve as a working tool and reference work and assure correct labelling
  • Compliance with the Swiss textile labelling directives likewise simplifies and facilitates procurement on the global market and cross-border trade.
  • Licencees benefit from the great experience, know-how and international network of GINETEX Switzerland in matters concerning textile labelling.
  • They are kept permanently informed of changes or innovations in the area of fabric and care labelling and their attention is called to changes.
  • The final processing entity is responsible for textile labelling. It knows which particular components have been processed and can base its labelling on the weakest such component. This will ensure that the textile article concerned suffers no irreversible damage when treated by the end user according to the information indicated on the label.
  • Compliance with the relevant labelling instructions guarantees good readability and resistance of the care labels to washing and dry cleaning throughout the lifecycle of the textile article.
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