GINETEX Switzerland
The National Association For Textile Care Labelling

The symbols are protected by trademarks. Their use is dependent on a contract with GINETEX Switzerland!



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If you wish to use the care symbols, please contact GINETEX Switzerland.

You should also do so if you are already using the symbols without a licence.

The form of contract and licence fees which are payable depending upon sales figures, company size, nature of use of the symbols and other criteria. The office of GINETEX Switzerland will be pleased to inform you of the different possibilities.

As soon as the particular form of contract has been clarified, the relevant contract document will be sent to you. After signing the agreement, you will receive a CD setting out guidelines for care and fibre content labelling, together with further information. The guidelines set out the principles of care and fibre content labelling and may be used by you to facilitate your activity and as a work of reference. You will also be kept informed regularly of any innovations and changes in labelling.